Top Ten Legendary Monster Trucks That Left Huge Mark In Automotive History

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

10. Mohawk Warrior
Mohawk Warrior is a truck owned by FELD Motorsports and driven by George Balhan. Mohawk Warrior debuted at Monster Jam World Finals 11 as an encore performance and has been in competition since late 2010. The truck gets its name from the original driver, George Balhan, who is known for his mohawk and is the successor to Escalade.

In 2013, it was announced that former California Kid driver, BJ Johnson, would begin driving a second Mohawk Warrior for the 2014 season. The truck is probably most famous for the giant mohawk featured on the truck’s roof. Mohawk Warrior is featured in the video game, Monster Jam: Path of Destruction.

A purple Mohawk Warrior Hot Wheels toy was released in 2015, but it was never made into a real truck. This year, Bryce Kenny will drive in the west triple threat tour (More Monster Jam (2017)) and George will do international events. Kenny’s will be referred to as the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior, since Great Clips recently became a sponsor. It is unknown who will drive George’s truck after 2017, as he will be retiring following the 2017 season.

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