Top Ten Legendary Monster Trucks That Left Huge Mark In Automotive History

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

8. Backwards Bob
Backwards Bob was an F-150 Styled monster truck. It is light blue with a design of multiple layers of arrows in different directions intersecting each other. It debuted at World Finals IX in 2008 the encores with Spitfire (now called Dragon). Its fiberglass body and tires mounted on to the chassis facing the opposite way, giving the appearance that the truck is driving backwards.

For diecast models, the driver’s seat is actually facing the same way as the body, but nonetheless the truck is still packaged facing the opposite way as other trucks. It was driven on the Monster Jam circuit with driver Kevin Crocker and toured with Pablo Huffaker’s Grave Digger 28 for the 2016 season.

The truck was retired in 2009 (minus a few appearances on the Obsession chassis in 2012) before officially returning to Monster Jam in 2015. That same year, however, it was destroyed in an accidental trailer fire, but returned yet again on a spare chassis.

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