Top Ten Legendary Monster Trucks That Left Huge Mark In Automotive History

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

5. Jurassic Attack
J urassic Attack was a custom monster truck from Don Frankish Motorsports. The truck is best known for when Crusader driver Linsey Weenk got started by driving Jurassic Attack. The chassis is currently owned by Trent Hickie of Melville Saskatchewan Canada and campaigned on a part time basis as Maniac under an agreement with Don Frankish.

Frankish, in an interview, said that “there is indeed plans to bring back Jurassic Attack in the future, but it is currently unknown when”. This truck was also featured in the movie Rat Race. In 1998, the truck debuts with a leafspring chassis.

It is also interesting to note that in 2013, the Jurassic Attack Chasis were sold and eventually became the New Maniac. This year, to celebrate the truck’s legacy and popularity, Hot Wheels are planning to release a Green jurassic Attack toy soon.

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